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Read what the pros have to say!

“For first rate family entertainment, Dinky Gowen is the man! Dinky is a wonderful magician."

   -Lance Burton, Las Vegas Star of Magic

"I'm truly impressed with your confidence and instant rapport with your audience.  These are qualities that only come from experience and make a good magician great!"

  -Terry Evanswood, International Star of Magic

"Dinky is a real crowd pleaser!"

    -Mac King, NBC's 'World's Greatest Magic'

"You captivate your audience the moment you step on to the stage.  It is a fun act!...The entire show is lively, fast-paced, and entertaining."

   -Jep Hostetler, Executive Director Magi-Fest

“Combine enthusiasm, mystery, and lots of fun – and you have the perfect description of Dinky Gowen, a seasoned pro whose long-standing runs at theme parks and theaters speaks of a successful career in magic.”

   -Dale Salwak, Entertainment Director of

   Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA.

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